As an Associate Producer at Harebrained Schemes, you’ll work as part of a project production team to help lead the project through the obstacle course of shipping great games  – while doing it with a smile on your face! Associate Producers at Harebrained Schemes:

  • Get results – they help ship a game not a process
  • Remove ambiguity in aspects of a project they’re assigned to
  • Sweat the details and can be relied upon not to let things slip through the cracks
  • Shepherd decision-making, getting the right people to the table at the right time
  • Get problems solved through listening, negotiating, collaborating, assimilating, and communicating
  • Lead with empathy, optimism, enthusiasm, humility, candor, and respect, treating teammates like talent, not resources
  • Maintain a healthy work environment of trust, respect, collaboration, and camaraderie in which the whole team can share ownership of a vision and personally invest in the delivery of a high quality experience for our audience
  • Learn to take their production and leadership skills to the next level, with a supportive environment and experienced management team